The Dignitas Agency delivers on it’s mission through the following suite of offerings:



  • Accelerating Impact Master Mind Programs – Six month, intentional small group coaching and accountability to engage in the process of identifying limiting beliefs and transforming them into breakthrough beliefs, as well as, the implementation of performance accelerators that deliver results. The focal point of this program is the achievement of six specific results that each participant creates specifically related to their work performance. There are two levers that we focus on in our Master Mind program – shifting beliefs and delivering results, in order to increase sponsorship.
    • Beliefs versus Actions – Shifting actions creates incremental change. Shifting beliefs creates transformational change. In particular, we focus on minimizing the impact of Stereotype Threat by helping participants to identify limiting beliefs and transform them into breakthrough beliefs.
    • Real Work, Real Results – the program provides focused, intentional small group coaching and accountability around six specific results that each participant creates. The responsibilities and deliverables that participants have in their current role is “The Work.” The mix of this program is 30% training, 50% coaching, 20% boot camp (actions, habit creation, and accountability).
  • Accelerating Impact 1:1 Coaching – Provides individualized coaching and accountability to continue the process of identifying limiting beliefs and transforming them into breakthrough beliefs, as well as, the implementation of performance accelerators that deliver results.
  • Accelerating Impact Workshops and Keynotes – Events, intended to increase awareness around limiting beliefs and transform them into breakthrough beliefs that will put participants in a mindset that will maximize performance.  All sessions include an overview of the Breakthrough Belief Competency model, are interactive and customized to the current context and opportunities that your organization is driving.
  • Accelerating Inclusive Cultures Workshops and Keynotes – The following is a list of topics that we speak and deliver workshops on in order to support the development of mindsets that support the cultivation of inclusive cultures:
    • Creating a Vision for a More Inclusive Workplace
    • How to Take a Stand for Inclusion and Belonging in Your Organization
    • Beyond Competence – Leveraging Character to Amplify Your Leadership Legacy
    • How to Build Your Capacity to Engage with a Diversity of Thought
    • Expanding: Getting Curious and Clarity about Ourselves and Others
    • Are You Tired, Or Just Out of Breath? – Managing Your Courage and Energy
    • Expanding Your Capacity to Lead Culture Change in Your Organization
    • Next Level Results – How Breakthrough Beliefs Fuel Inclusion and Create Better Business Outcomes
    • You’re Better Prepared Than You Realize – Leveraging Your Leadership Competency to Create a Culture of Inclusion
  • Corporate Collaboration and SponsorshipHR and Business leaders recognize how the experiences that we create through our AI4BP work is the type of personal work that makes all other leadership and professional development more effective.  Without the type of awareness and shift in mindset created through the AI4BP experience, the knowledge shared through other investments in leadership development will always face resistance from the limiting beliefs that a leader has, and that knowledge won’t be able to be effectively put into action in the form of behavior shifts that increase performance effectiveness.  In this way, AI4BP is an accelerator for any leadership development platform.  Organizations choose to provide event sponsorship, send individuals to our open-enrollment events, or work with us to deliver AI4BP events specifically for their employees.
  • Executive Consulting – Increasingly, senior executives are committed to improving their organizations, by adding more diversity to their leadership team and creating more inclusive cultures.  However, they are finding this a challenging conversation and landscape to navigate.  These leaders call on us to talk with them directly about the root cause issues within the broader fabric of our country that directly impact their comfort levels, confidence and effectiveness in this arena.  Real talk about unconscious bias, access and social agility position these executives to more effectively deliver on both their intentions and their business objectives, related to diversity. We will work with CEOs and executive leaders to curate a customized agenda and exercises that address your most pressing opportunities and produce insights to accelerate results. We bring the power and simplicity of our breakthrough belief competency model and our experience with helping leaders and organizations accelerating your impact. A full-day of thought partnership results in a roadmap for real shifts and real results in your organization:
    • clarity and prioritization of the most important issues, and strategies for address each issue
    • proposed timeline for achieving results
    • resources to support you in leading the change within your organization


  • Corporate REALTalk: Creating Real Change in Your Organization – Create a strategy to support increased inclusion within your organization by providing training that supports your key executives in mentoring/counseling black professionals that includes consideration of: 1: Training, 2) Ownership, and 3) Tone at the top.
  • Race REALTalk – Create a safe space to raise compassion, awareness and ultimately connection and understanding across racial groups.
  • Diversity & Inclusion 2.0 – Provides consulting from an Inclusion Architect who will collaborate on the design, implementation, and measurement of Talent Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Unconscious Bias, Fostering an Inclusive Culture, and more.
  • Collegiate Professional Readiness –  As young professionals enter/re-enter the workforce, it is increasingly important for them to be prepared to bring incredible value to their organization upon arrival. Managers expect emerging leaders to not only demonstrate that they have the ability to excel in their position but that they are also capable of producing the requisite results immediately. We work with faculty, students and administrators in graduate school programs to prepare graduates to successfully launch their careers by providing the necessary tools to help them accelerate the transition from student to high-performer.
  • Pipeline 13 Mentoring –  The road from emerging leader to corporate executive can be rocky, intimidating, lonely, and frustrating among many other challenges. Learning how to navigate your way through the corporate labyrinth (culture, politics, personalities, processes, etc.) with efficacy can help to make your journey more enjoyable. We assist emerging leaders in this endeavor by connecting them with a select group of mentors who are committed to helping you reach your goals in a structured mentoring program.


  • Diversity & Inclusion is Failing: How to Drive Next Level Results – This full-day session tackles, head-on, the lack of traction that Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are experiencing. Using a tested framework for leadership accountability and generating intended results, we will take participants through a process of isolated root causes of failure and designing radical solutions for success. This framework is specifically designed to help leaders create Next Level Results for their organizations, by leading in a much more deliberate, powerful and grounded manner. Participants will spend time designing and getting feedback on their real work. In this way, this session is a true accelerator for participants.
  • Transitioning Your ERG to a BRG – This offering includes Strategy Design and Stakeholder Analysis, Operationalizing shared objectives and role definition of the business resource groups, and offerings to enhance leadership and change management skills for BRG leaders.
  • Why Isn’t Your CEO An Activist – This 4-hour workshop asks: Are you prepared to be a highly visible and valued strategic advisor to your CEO in the new climate? This session provides practical guidance for how HR leaders step into a business consultant role and what to prioritize in order for both them and the CEO to be effective. We’ll share a dashboard and short list of questions that D&I and talent development professionals can use as guidance when partnering with the CEO and other senior leaders around clarifying their leadership platform, and what they want to stand for related to social and corporate justice issues.
  • Managing Your Courage and Energy: Are You Tired or Just Out of Breath – Driving significant and complex change is challenging, especially in the arena of social and corporate justice, and people often get burned out. This 4-hour or full-day session helps practitioners learn how to manage both their courage and their energy in order to help sustain their efforts so that progress continues, and hopefully more rapidly. Drawing from mental and physical martial arts techniques, brain science, and physiology, it provides exercises and mental models to help recharge in the moment and manage energy levels over time.

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