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Dignitas is the Latin word for worth.

Our mission is to create a legacy of value, impact and wealth by helping people accelerate their impact.

Our purpose is to use our unique approach and experiences to help people transform limiting beliefs to breakthrough beliefs.

Our vision: by delivering on our mission, we aim to have the number of Black people in executive positions within organizations mirror the percentage of Black people in the U.S. Population.  We also aim to have the number of people from all marginalized groups in executive positions within organizations mirror the percentage of those people in the U.S. population.


The Dignitas Agency creates experiences that hold you accountable to who you are, such that you emerge with the power and effectiveness that you’re capable of and consistently deliver extraordinary value.  Learn more about why people choose us.


Our 2014 and 2015 work with the Kelley School of Business (Ranked #1 First-Year ROI among top 20 schools/Bloomberg Businessweek 2014) is an example of the conversations we create and how people experience them.

We focus on the use of two technologies:

  • RealTalkTM – the unfolding and acknowledgment of the real experiences of Black people, and other marginalized groups in America that consciously and unconsciously shape our actions and outcomes in the workplace. By expressing the truth of these experiences and honoring them, we empower ourselves and each other. Pretense falls away, and the power of who we are emerges. The 30-lb weight gets lifted, and we move faster with the same effort. Real talk accelerates.
  • Mind Control – the ability to – consciously, and on command – focus your attention in ways that generate positive and effective outcomes. It is the ability to get your mind right and keep it right, so that you can be more excellent, more often. Mind control accelerates.

We deliver on our mission by focusing information, events, courses and coaching on three dimensions of performance excellence:

  1. Transforming Beliefs: Help you identify and dissolve limiting beliefs, and create and cultivate breakthrough beliefs
  2. Cultivating Your Authentic Voice: Help you discover, cultivate and express your authentic voice
  3. Mobilizing You Through Community: Help you connect with people who can support your journey in very specific and practical ways

We are three women (she/her/hers) who have been at too many tables with too few people like us at them. We are three women who want to change the world by literally changing the faces of Corporate America.


Cheryl Burrell

She asks the question – “When do you need it done? – then does it.”

  • Her Breakthrough belief: “I make real conversations happen.”
  • A leadership pioneer in her 25 years at 3M Corporation – First black female executive (Top 250 out of 65,000)
  • While Chief Diversity Officer for 3M, her focus was on shaping the conversation with the CEO
  • She fuels and cultivates businesses by driving sales
  • As founder of The Burrell Group, she focuses on guiding clients to take ownership for their lives.  She coaches people to optimize their power by tapping into their authentic voice, and consults with them on navigating political landscapes to achieve results.
  • She’s known for creating connects that amplify the value for everyone involved, and earning the right to be in influential conversations, and creating awareness and competency around the “inside/outside game” of influence, navigation and impact.
  • Advanced Iyengar Yoga practitioner
  • Traveler and food enthusiast


Stacy Parson

She asks the question – “What’s possible? – then crafts experiences to invite that.”

  • Her Breakthrough Belief: “I do hard things.”
  • She created and implemented the “Career Development at Yahoo!” workshop – Delivered to 2,000 people in 15 countries, generating a 7% increase in employee engagement in 6 months.
  • She coaches and consults with VPs, EVPs and Presidents in fortune 50 companies, start up and emerging teams with big aspirations, and techsters who are determined to change the world.
  • She’s known for facilitating compelling visions [Visual Vision Mapping], inspiring others to action [Action-Hero Studio], and strengthening platforms for delivering results [Next Level Results framework]
  • Stanford Women’s Basketball – 1990 NCAA Champions
  • 1st degree black belt [Taekwondo]
  • Essential oil enthusiast – a student of how aroma cultivates emotions and mindsets that inspire action
  • Beginning bass player


Angela Taylor

She asks the question – “What needs to be in place for excellence? – then aligns interests and arranges people, processes and systems to succeed.”

  • Her Breakthrough belief: “I create solutions.”
  • She has achieved increasing levels of front office executive leadership impact for 4 WNBA organizations – WNBA League Office, The Minnesota Lynx, The Washington Mystics, and now, The Atlanta Dream. In just her second season, the Mystics finished 22-12 (the best record in franchise history as well as the first 20 win season in franchise history) and an Eastern Conference Regular Season Championship.  In 2014, she took the helm of the Atlanta Dream, and the organization finished first in the Eastern Conference.  
  • “Angela’s track record of success across business and basketball is unique,” said Dream owners Mary Brock and Kelly Loeffler.  There is meaning in every word of this quote, and it is the foundation upon which this 20-year veteran of the sports industry, founded NetWorks Sports Consulting, LLC – a marketing & consulting firm focused in the sports & entertainment industries.
  • She cares deeply about succeeding at the highest levels, in order to provide access and opportunity for others.
  • She’s known for providing insight from a unique perspective [Game Changers Live], helping emerging leaders find their authentic voice [The C.H.A.N.C.E. Foundation], and leveraging the power of one’s network [NetWorks Sports Consulting].
  • Stanford Women’s Basketball – as a walk-on, she achieved scholarship status and earned a starting spot for a program that she helped guide to two NCAA national championships (1990 & 1992), three NCAA Final Fours (1990-92), and one Sweet Sixteen appearance (1993).
  • Beginning snowboarder
  • Early adopter of all things technology
  • Professional armchair quarterback


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